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Miracle Chef

Magnetic Block Bamboo 8 to 10pc

Magnetic Block Bamboo 8 to 10pc

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Our modern block is elegant and functional.  See our features listed below:


Bamboo Construction: Natural antibacterial properties ensure a hygienic environment, hardwood construction resists scratches.

Protective Screens: Acrylic screens beautifully showcase, store, and protect your knives, guaranteeing blade safety, easy access, and hassle-free screen removal for cleaning.

Adaptable Knife Organization-Open block design eliminates blade dulling and bacteria growth while accommodating 8 to 12 knives of various sizes with a space-efficient and slot-free design.

Rare Earth Magnets: Seamlessly integrated neodymium magnets securely hold knives in place, providing a safe and efficient vertical storage solution that eliminates the need for precise positioning and prevents unintended blade contact.

Steady Foundation: Non-slip pads ensure the knife block stays securely in place on any countertop or work surface.

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