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Miracle Chef

2.5″ Pocket Knife

2.5″ Pocket Knife

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The 2.5-inch pocket knife packs sophistication and modernity in a small, convenient to hold, and easy to carry tool. This small knife easily folds to fit the miniature blade inside the Pakkawood handle. With a simple pull on its top edge, the knife is revealed.

The handle is beautifully crafted with dark brown polished wood that features an elegant pattern on the surface that gives the knife a unique look. Three rivets hold the handle firmly in place, thus ensuring that the handle does not come off even with daily use. The tip of the handle has a mirror-polished cap that also features a tiny lanyard hole that outdoor lovers can use to hold the knife on their waists.

The short straight edge blade is sturdy and crafted using durable German-steel that remains sharp for a long time and cuts through tough materials with minimal effort. When folded, the top of the blade has a straight sunken edge that allows easy pulling to reveal the blade. Moreover, its blade has a pointed tip that penetrates through tough surfaces with ease, thus enabling the rest of the blade to go through to begin a cut. The middle of the knife features a wide and rounded bolster that works to keep the knife balanced and the overall weight evenly distributed.

We sell the 2.5-inch knife in a beautiful wooden gift box and offer optional dual line engraving on the blade and handle. The engraving can be customized into a personal message or logo to make this the perfect sentimental gift for outdoor lovers.

Clean the blade of the knife immediately after use before folding it by wiping it off with a damp cloth. Note that the blade and Pakkawood handle are best maintained when cleaned by hand and not in the dishwasher. It is standard knife care to avoid unnecessary moisture and water submersion. When the need arises, the blade can easily be sharpened with a wet high-grit sharpening stone.

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